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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can benefit from Al Manhal’s ePublication?
  2. What kind of publishers do you work with and what is your publications selection criterion?
  3. How can I view Al Manhal’s publisher list?
  4. Can I, as an individual, purchase access to Al Manhal databases?
  5. As a non-subscriber, can I preview content and utilize the platform?
  6. How can I view Al Manhal’s titles lists?
  7. What are the pricing models offered by Al Manhal?
  8. How often do you add new content to your ‘growing’ collections?
  9. Do you have any plans to add scientific titles to Journals?
  10. The back-files of the journal titles are dated back to 2010; will additional back-files be added over the coming period?
  11. When will eTheses be available?
  12. As an Al Manhal subscriber, is there any limit on the ‘printing’ or ‘downloading’ options while reading any of the ePublications?
  13. Is Al Manhal Platform compliant with Zotero?
  14. What is the difference between the Plug-in Reader or QuickView?
  15. How can I learn about the methods of searching across the database?

  1. Al Manhal’s databases are designed for knowledge intensive organizations such as school, university, corporate, hospital and government libraries, as well as research institutes.
  2. Al Manhal works with academic publishers, research and scientific societies, and university presses. Our team of expert librarians and our Editorial/Advisory Board evaluate all incoming publishing partners and in content against the most stringent criteria in order to ensure the highest quality and relevance for our global community of researchers and users. We also check all content for plagiarism in order to ensure that our customers are always accessing authoritative, copyright protected content that is based on primary research.
  3. A list of our publishing partners can be found on Al Manhal’s website under the ‘Partners’ tab or by clicking here.
  4. Al Manhal’s databases are currently made available to institutional libraries that in turn provide access to their members, students, researchers, etc. If you are interested in Al Manhal databases, please ask your librarian to contact us by filling this form or send us an email at info@almanhal.com and we will contact your institution.
  5. Yes you can. You can search the full-texts of the content, and browse the table of contents, the index, and the first two pages of each chapter for free. The platform tools (InfoTools®) are limited to subscribers only.
  6. On Al Manhal’s website, you can find the titles list for eBooks under ‘Products & Services’ in the ‘eBook Collection’ section. To view all of our content, please visit the platform.
  7. At Al Manhal we continuously strive to meet our customer’s budgetary requirements through flexible pricing options as follows:
    • Annual Subscription: Unlimited, simultaneous access to continuously growing eBook, eJournal, eTheses & eCulsters collections, by subject area or by publisher. This model presents a very affordable way for libraries to ensure that their patrons have access to the most recently published titles in a single and multi-disciplinary collection. Subscription pricing is based on the number of end-users.
    • Perpetual Access Purchase: One-time purchase for unlimited simultaneous access in perpetuity, to fixed eBook collections, available by subject, publisher or custom collections. Perpetual Access pricing is based on the number of titles and end-users.
  8. Books:
    Our eBook collections grow in value by approximately 30% per year. We calculate the value of our books based on the publishers cover price and the age of the book in order to ensure that we apply commensurate value to newer titles. A 30% growth rate in value translates into an annual growth of the number of titles from 40% to 60% per year.
    Our journals database currently includes over 300 titles in the Humanities & Social Sciences, and STM. By the end of 2016, we expect to have 400 Journals online.
    Al Manhal publishes eReports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, depending on the collection. We currently publish reports from 3 regional think tanks and research institutes, and expect this to grow to 20 by the end of 2016.
  9. Yes. Al Manhal has published its 30 Medical titles and 36 Science & Technical titles.
  10. All the issues originally published prior to 2010 will be included in the archives and not in the standard collections. However the ‘Journal Archives’ will be sold or leased as a separate product.
  11. Al Manhal currently offers 6,000 eTheses & eDissertations, expeted to grow to 9,000 by end of 2016 .
  12. Users can print up to 40% of publication per user session. 
  13. Zotero, the free bibliographic data manager, is hidden behind the Endnote functionality. We will be considering making it more prominent in the future.
  14. The Plug-in Reader, referred to as ‘ebrary Reader’, has been declared discontinued and will soon be removed from the platform. Therefore, we recommend using QuickView since it is easily accessible, requires no installation, and will continue to be updated with new features.
  15. You can download our User Guide.


If you have any further questions, please share them with ushere.