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Mid-east Database of Intelligence Reports & Analyses (MEDIRA) 

Mid-east Database of Intelligence Reports & Analyses (MEDIRA) is a full-text searchable database of aggregated news and analyses of current affairs, and in-depth intelligence regarding political, economic, social, and security affairs across the Middle East, published by the region's leading think tanks and research institutes.


MEDIRA Collections

1. Daily Article Summaries & Highlights (DASH)

2. Middle East Intelligence Reports and Analyses (MEIRA)



• Daily Article Summaries & Highlights (DASH)

Daily eReports by Dar al Jaleel, The Royal Commission of Jerusalem and Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations (New). Focus on contemporary issues in the Arab Israeli affairs


• Middle East Reports and Analyses (MEIRA)

Middle East Intelligence Reports & Analyses (MEIRA) Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports critical for any student or practitioner of Middle Eastern economics, political science, and security sciences.
• Military Report
• Economic Report
• The Strategic Assessment (New)
• The Special Weekly Report (Exclusive)
• Saudi and the Gulf
• The Yellow Group
• Analysis by Ghazi Saadi
• Iraq and Iran in Israeli Press
• Israeli Government Affairs
• Specialized Madar Report
• Tarjamat (New)


Facts & Figures
• Growing number of titles: Over 3,500 daily,
weekly and monthly
• Back-files: 4 years
• Growing collections: 4 new report titles by end of 2014
• Indexed by: Summon, OCLC and EBSCO Discovery Service
• Languages: Arabic and English