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Al Manhal’s one-of-a-kind, intelligent eContent platform enables publishers to cost-effectively and securely publish and distribute their electronic content to libraries around the world, while guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and security protection standards.

1. Academic, scientific and research institutions worldwide are increasingly demanding content from the Arab world. Due to a lack of efficient publishing and distribution channels, the region’s research institutions and publishing houses have been unable to meet this global demand for their content. Al Manhal, the world’s only full-text searchable platform for Arabic electronic content, meets the needs of the global research community by providing extensive, high quality content from the Arab world’s leading publishing houses and research institutes.

2. The demand for online content has drastically increased in the recent years, causing traditional libraries to increase their electronic content holdings. It is critical for publishers to adapt to customer needs and implement optimal electronic publishing and distribution strategies, according to international library and copyright protection standards.

Al Manhal Benefits for Publishers

• Arabized Platform 
We provide Arab publishers with the same award-winning full-text search technology that the world’s leading publishers trust and use for the electronic distribution of their content, customized to support the Arabic language and formatting.

• New Revenue Streams
Al Manhal’s platform provides customers with flexible options for acquiring content - from annual subscriptions to purchase models - tailored to customer's specific needs and budgets. In turn, increasing publishers’ exposure and revenues.

• Digital Rights Management (DRM)
We understand the value of our publishers’ content assets as well as the risks associated with electronic publishing & distribution. Al Manhal’s platform utilizes trusted Digital Rights Management (DRM) methodologies to guarantee copyright protection without hindering users' ability to seamlessly access and use the content.

• Indexing Services 
Al Manhal’s databases are indexed by International Indexing Service Providers in order to maximize global discovery and usage of our content. The increased efficiency in searching and access publications benefits not only our customers and users, but amplifies the exposure and royalty potential of each publication.

• Royalty and Usage Reports 
Transparency and accuracy are critical to successful electronic publishing. We provide precise and timely royalties based on sales and usage of content; as well detailed COUNTER compliant usage reports (to the page level) in order for our publishing partners to the audit sales figures as well as drive future publishing and sales strategies.

• Marketing Benefits 
Our online and offline marketing strategies focus on maximizing the global awareness of our publisher’s brands based on their respective areas of specialization and their compatibility with our customers' research needs.

 • Global Sales
Al Manhal markets and delivers its electronic content through its extensive global distribution network to over 4,500 libraries

DOI Services for eJournal Publications

Al Manhal creates Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for all its articles and registers them with the CrossRef citation linking network. This new DOI service enables our publishers to meet International Indexing Standards in order provide the international scholarly community with easier access to online research content. As a result, our Journals will receive a higher level of global exposure and usage, which will greatly affect their Impact Factors.

Benefits of DOI:

CrossRef DOI services

- Provide dependable links that preserve the appropriate scholarly citation.

- DOI numbers automatically link content to thousands of other publications and organizations, driving traffic and usage.

- Users are more likely to use publications when they are able to easily link from references to other relevant articles.

- Al Manhal provides and continually updates all DOI numbers with no additional cost to publishers.


As the demand for online content continues to increase, libraries are rapidly transitioning their holdings from print to electronic content. In order to meet these evolving needs, it is crucial for publishers to implement optimal electronic publishing and distribution strategies. Al Manhal offers a Digital Publishing Solution which enables publishers to cost effectively meet institutional online content requirements (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Digital Publishing Process
 Figure 1: Digital Publishing Process
Content Selection

Al Manhal signs license agreements with selected publishers and begins the content evaluation process. All incoming content is evaluated against the most stringent content selection criteria, in order to build the most suitable products for our library customers. Our evaluation is based on our extensive market research and usage analysis in the academic community, evaluation by our internal team of librarians and editors, and discussions with our Research and Library Board.

Aggregation Content Development Process
Figure 2: Content Development Process
Figure 2: Content Development Process

Aggregation Content Development Process:

  1. Receive Content: Al Manhal aggregates the highest quality academic and professional content from selected publishers.
  2. Manage Content: All material then goes through the content production and management process.
    • Production: The content is converted from the incoming format to Al Manhal’s proprietary format and goes through a detailed Quality Assurance process to ensure that the full-text searchable electronic files are exact replicas of the original print publications. US Library of Congress compliant metadata and DOIs are applied to all titles.
    • Management: The content is then processed through Al Manhal’s proprietary Content Management System (TPS) and Royalty Management System that transparently and efficiently monitors sales, usage and royalties of all titles.
  3. Classification: Publications are classified according to the Dewey Decimal and US Library of Congress classification systems, and indexed by leading International Indexing Engines. The content is then mapped to relevant subject collections in order to ensure discoverability. This process maximizes the benefit for the user, and exposure and royalty potential for the publishers.
  4. The eContent is then uploaded onto the trusted Al Manhal database. 5. Post Uploading Check-Up: Al Manhal regularly checks publications ensuring that a consistent level of quality is being maintained.



Al Manhal Marketing Strategies ensure that Al Manhal is always recognized as the world’s leading Arabic ePublishing solutions provider. We maximize global exposure of the Al Manhal brand as well as our publishers’ brands. We utilize various online and offline marketing channels to ensure that Al Manhal is always aware of library requirements and opportunities, and libraries around the world are always aware of our publishing partnerships and products.

  1. Regional & Global Presence: Al Manhal attends publishing events, book fairs and library exhibitions around the world, diligently promoting all of our publishers and their content. Al Manhal's professional sales team and distribution partners around the world actively promote and provide onsite presentations and training to universities, schools and libraries around the world.
  2. Marketing Material: Al Manhal uses various marketing outlets, such as corporate websites, eNewsletters, brochures, flyers, e-campaigns, and social media, to constantly promote our publishers and products.
  3. Media Publicity: Al Manhal global outreach network ensures international exposure for publishers via local and regional events, press releases and the media.

Distribution & Sales

Al Manhal utilizes its extensive sales and distribution network to market and deliver the electronic content to over 4500 library institutions in more than 140 countries. With a network of sales representatives and agents in over 50 countries, Al Manhal has the strongest global reach among all providers of Arabic content (Figure 3).




Al Manhal utilizes the most advanced Intelligent Research technologies and electronic library methodologies to provide its customers and users with the optimum research experience. This, in addition to complying with International Library standards, ensures that Al Manhal maximizes the acquisition, access and usage of its databases by academic, research, corporate and government libraries around the world. Al Manhal databases are currently used by more than 450 universities and schools, including such esteemed institutions as Georgetown University, University of Qatar, Higher Colleges of Technology, Saudi Ministry of Higher Education, Abu Dhabi Education Council, etc. Nearly 1,000,000 students in the Middle East and USA are using Al Manhal content on a daily basis, and in turn creating usage royalties for our publishers.

Publisher's Royalties


Al Manhal provides guaranteed royalties to publishers based on the inclusion of their content in Al Manhal’s databases. Publishers will receive additional royalties based on the usage of their content across our growing customer base.