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Thesis Publishing Agreement



First party:

Al Manhal Company, registered in the United Arab Emirates – Emirate of Dubai (Medical City).
Specialized in electronic publishing and databases.
Addressed at Dubai - Dubai Healthcare City, Office # 105 (building # 25) , P.O Box 505160. 


Second party:

Dissertation author (the submitter). 


The two parties agree on the following:

The first party is committed to publishing a thesis (master’s doctorate), entitled in the form attached with this Agreement, and of an authorship of the second party.


First party pays second party 5% copyrights of the net amount received from publishing the thesis out of the estimated value of the thesis. This amount shall be paid in 60 days after the end of each year from the date of publication, taken under consideration the value of the authorship age of the thesis based on what is posted on the first party’s website page.


Second party should confirm that he / she is the author of the subject of agreement – thesis, and there are no prior or subsequent rights to any other author or publisher. Second party holds the full literal, financial and penal responsibility that may arise from any claim relating to the thesis material and drawings.


Second party cannot give copy rights of this document to any other party during the period of this contract except the university that licensed it. In case the thesis was published by any other entity, the financial benefits to the second party will become 2.5%.


This contract renews automatically unless one of the parties request a cancellation before six months of the end of the contract.


Only the first party has the right of pricing and estimating the value of this document.


Second party gives first party an exclusive license to publish and distribute the thesis for a period of ten years, in addition to the remainder of any subscription after this date.


The legal jurisdiction of all disagreements or misinterpretations that arise from this agreement is under the prerogative of the courts of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


Dubai, 01/01/2012