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Platform Technology

Al Manhal has licensed and Arabized the econtent platform in order to create the world’s first Intelligent Information Platform for content from the Arab world. Features of our Intelligent Platform include:

  1. Key features and benefits

    • Available any time through any web-enabled device including the iPad.
    • Multiple secure authentication methodologies including IP, Athens, EZ Proxy, etc.
    • Contextual linking across multiple online resources with Explore™.
    • Personal bookshelves that automatically store links to highlights, notes, and more, providing an archive of research. Folders can be emailed to peers.
    • Notes and highlights
    • Multiple options for searching and navigating including full-text search for Arabic text.
    • Automatic citations when text is printed or copied and pasted into Word or any text applications. Citations include an automatic URL hyperlink back to the source.
    • Ability to transform text into a hyperlink to a URL of the end-user’s choice.
    • Available in multiple language including Arabic, English, French, Turkish, with additional languages in the works.
    • COUNTER-compliant usage statics that show how content is used while protecting end-user privacy.