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MARC21 Records

The knowledge and research sector is undergoing a digital transformation. Publishing houses are under pressure to stay current and maximize the potential of new technologies; so there is a trend to digitalize the process of indexing and cataloguing titles, records and bibliographic information. It helps the user by increasing search and find facilities, and benefits the content provider whose work has digital longevity and is able to reach a wider audience.


After twenty years, MARC21 Records has become an integral and universally recognized function for all digital content services. As a formula to speed up the process of putting metadata into a library system and integrating with or importing from Al Manhal’s database, MARC21 Records makes the lives of library professionals much easier. Bibliographic data is given an index, classified, and automatically catalogued so as to help with sorting and making advanced searches within one integrated, federation system. But the difficult, enigmatic and highly specialized nature of this process means that some companies and libraries have been reluctant to embrace it in the past.


As the most specialized Arabic content MARC21 Records service provider, our team of Al Manhal experts can be trusted to take care of MARC21 Records Creation and Management. Given that MARC21 Records Creation encourages the standardization of library systems, giving access to titles no matter where a customer is in the world, clients are able to maximize the visibility and usability of all their valued content. Additionally, with the use of specific standards like Library of Congress, as well as subject headings, RDA Compliancy, bilingual transliteration, etc., all content will always be internationally consistent.


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