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At Al Manhal, we value the needs of every user – from libraries with tens of thousands of visitors to the individual researcher or scholar. When we design our products and services, your unique needs inform our decisions.

To that end, we’re proud to offer services that are truly catered to individual users. With no requirement of institute affiliation, you can benefit from access to our wealth of content and even earn royalties by adding to it.

eThesis Self-Submission Program

Publish your academic work and benefit from the strength of our global distribution network. You can share the fruits of your study with thousands of researchers around the world and even earn usage royalties at the same time.

  • Free publication – zero cost to you.
  • Online submission – quick and easy submission process.
  • Worldwide distribution – excellent global exposure potential.
  • Usage royalties – earn royalties every time users access your content.

By publishing your thesis through our eThesis Self-Submission Program, you can place your hard work into the hands of countless scholars worldwide. It not only offers you great benefits and opportunities, but it also allows you to spread knowledge to researchers and students at thousands of institutions around the globe.

Direct-to-Consumer Products

Whether you need a single publication or access to hundreds, we offer options perfect for every individual.

With print-on-demand (POD) technology powered by Amazon, you can affordably transform your favorite selection of our eBooks into paperback copies delivered to your door. The Al Manhal Bookstore currently has hundreds of Arabic books, and it is growing daily.