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eDissertation/Thesis Self-Submission Program
Submitting your Dissertation or Thesis to Al Manhal

Our dissertation program enables thousands or even millions of students from the Arab world to publish their graduate work online to facilitate promoting their work.
Al Manhal prides itself with its goal to make education and knowledge easily accessible to help promote educational and research standards regionally and globally.

Why you should submit your work

Our free online publishing helps you join the most well renowned Arabic publishers on Al Manhal electronic platform. Submission allows research experts, as well as other students to gain insight from the work you have done; where it will be cited and discovered to broaden your future horizons.

Publishing dissertations and theses with Al Manhal also provides:
  • Editorial review: All submitted content are reviewed by Al Manhal’s editorial staff, ensuring that key descriptors and subject terms are applied to maximize discoverability. Further, Al Manhal inspects and reviews each work for completeness and for copyright compliance before publishing.
  • Sales and royalties: Earn royalties whenever your dissertation is purchased. Al Manhal utilizes the regional and global sales channels of its partners for the distribution of your work.
  • Support for multiple languages: Al Manhal can accommodate dissertations and theses in all languages; you just need to submit it in ‘searchable’ PDF format with English-language abstracts.
  • Simple submission: An easy-to-use online submission process enables quick uploading of documents.
How to submit your work

Al Manhal has put together a team of leading experts to create a program that is user-friendly to help students easily publish their work. Once you are ready to submit your document with us, you can click here to fill Al Manhal online Self-Submission Form.

Once the uploading is completed, your content will go through an evaluation process to verify the compliance of the submitted document according to Al Manhal acceptance criteria. Upon approval, you will be contacted to confirm the completion of your submission.

What benefit you will get from submitting your work with Al Manhal
  • Worldwide exposure: Al Manhal is the only full-text searchable database and the leading online library for Arabic ePublications. This guarantees your eDissertation to be seen by thousands of researchers, and students worldwide.
  • Copyright protection: Al Manhal is fully respectful of people’s rights to the ownership of their work, by assuring copyright protection of all submitted documents which is guaranteed by Al Manhal Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • Royalties payout: Al Manhal will recognize 5% of the net earned amount as royalties to the authors. This amount shall be paid at the end of every year, upon reaching the corresponding 50$ threshold.  For more information please read the Al Manhal Distribution Contract Terms.
Where will your work be found

Your work will be accessible to all the colleges, universities and research centers that have signed up with Al Manhal; regionally and globally. It will be found online through Al Manhal’s electronic library, which thousands of students and researchers have access to.

Who will view your work

Academic libraries, research institutes, corporate and government libraries, and publishing houses will have access to your very own dissertations and theses.


For more information or questions, please contact us at: +962 6 515 4294 or email us at info@almanhal.com