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Global library statistics show that library budgets are quickly moving from print to electronic acquisitions; with most libraries in the Middle East now spending well-over 50% of their budgets on electronic resources. Al Manhal’s products and services address electronic research and the publishing needs of academic libraries, research institutes, corporate and government libraries, and publishing houses. We offer a wide variety of electronic publications; eBooks, eJournals, eTheses and eClusters. It currently holds rights to over 70,354 publications from the most well renowned publishers regionally.

Our online collections currently include the following:
  • eBooks: eLibrary holds 13,923 titles divided into 13 collections
  • eJournals: eLibrary holds rights to publish 13 eJournal collections divided into 12 collections in Humanities and Social Sciences subjects, as well as two recently launched Science & Technical, and Medical (STM) collections
  • eTheses: Databases of Masters and Ph.D theses and dissertations from the Arab World’s leading universities
  • eClusters: Curated databases that collate in-depth analyses from a wide variety of publications



Al Manhal has partnered with Turnitin, an internet-based plagiarism-detection software, to ensure the prevention of copyright infringement or other unauthorized use of our content.



Al Manhal partnered with EDS (EBSCO Discovery Services), Summon™ (Web-scale discovery service), OCLC (WorldCat) and CNKI to index Al Manhal’s entire database of books, journals and reports for effective global reach. Al Manhal will benefit its publishing partners by increasing the discovery and usage of resources throughout the world.


DOI Services for eJournal Publications

Al Manhal creates Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for all its articles and registers them with the CrossRef citation linking network. This new DOI service enables our publishers to meet International Indexing Standards in order provide the international scholarly community with easier access to online research content. As a result, our Journals will receive a higher level of global exposure and usage, which will greatly affect their Impact Factors. Benefits of DOI:


• CrossRef DOI services provide dependable links that preserve the appropriate scholarly citation.

• DOI numbers automatically link content to thousands of other publications and organizations, driving traffic and usage.

• Users are more likely to use publications when they are able to easily link from references to other relevant articles.

• Al Manhal provides and continually updates all DOI numbers with no additional cost to publishers.