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  King Abdullah University for Science & Technology
Website : kaust.edu.sa
Country : Saudi Arabia
Year Established : NA
Vision KAUST will be a globally renowned graduate research university that makes significant contributions to scientific and technological advancement, and will play a crucial role in the development of Saudi Arabia. By 2020, KAUST will be characterized by: Cutting-edge, basic and goal-oriented research in science and technology comparable to that of the world’s top 10 science and technology universities, the success of which will be demonstrated by publications in Science, Nature, and other prestigious professional journals; a significant number of scientific discoveries and technological innovations; a high average citation index (ISI) among KAUST faculty. A focus on research and academic activities in areas where KAUST can be exceptional by global standards. The focus will be on impact rather than quantity, and KAUST will have Research Centers that are recognized as world leaders in their fields. Graduates who are highly trained and skilled and will have the capabilities and drive to be leaders in education and business. Research and commercialization activities that demonstrably contribute to the diversification and strengthening of the Saudi economy, as measured by job creation, and new industry development and growth in GDP per capita. A diversified and sustainable revenue base that supports both its operating and capital requirements. Mission KAUST advances science and technology through bold and collaborative research. It educates scientific and technological leaders, catalyzes the diversification of the Saudi economy and addresses challenges of regional and global significance, thereby serving the Kingdom, the region and the world. Research and education, as well as their transformative potential, are central to KAUST’s mission. KAUST has a three-part mission: Research at KAUST – both basic and goal-oriented – is dedicated to advancing science and technology of regional and global impact. Research excellence inspires teaching and the training of future leaders in science and technology. Research