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  Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy
Website : riyadh.edu.sa
Country : Saudi Arabia
Year Established : 2004
"RCSDP is a premier provider of quality didactic and clinical education in dentistry, pharmacy and allied health sciences. Our school stands out as an exceptional institution of higher learning that constantly updates its programs with current best practices, research discoveries, and tailor-made training - all aimed towards successfully educating and preparing our students for the dynamic, technology-intensive and highly competitive environment of the dental, pharmaceutical and allied health care professions. Our synergistic multidisciplinary learning environment revolves around our continued commitment to quality education which continues to demand more knowledge, expertise, creativity, innovation and will power to continue building on the school's reputation as a leader in dentistry, pharmacy and allied health sciences education. It is anchored at ensuring the best educational experience for all our students and producing highly trained and competent graduates who will make a difference in the ever-changing world of lifelong learning in the 21st century. "