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  Islamic University
Website : iu.edu.sa
Country : Saudi Arabia
Year Established : 1961
Founded by the Royal Order No. 11 dated 25/03/1381, followed by the Royal Order No. 21, dated 16/04/1381 AH, and ratified by the Supreme Advisory Council of the University. Studies began on Sunday, 2nd of Jumada II in the same year. In 05/18/1386 AH a Royal Decree No. M / 18 was issued in approval of the university system. Another system for the university was issued in accordance with the Royal Decree No. M / 70, dated 08/07/1395 AH. Objectives It is not out of place to state that the Islamic University of Madinah is a global Islamic Institution in terms of its objectives, and Saudi Arabian in terms of dependency. Also, its identified objectives go thus: 1. Conveying the eternal message of Islam to the world through advocacy, preaching and undergraduate and postgraduate education. 2. Instilling and developing the Islamic spirit, and deepening practical religiosity in the life of the individual and society, based on the dedication of worship to God and absolute followership of the Messenger of Allah. 3. Preparation of scholastic researches, translating and publishing them, and encouraging such in the areas of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in particular, and other sciences and branches of human knowledge needed by the Muslim community in general. 4. Educating Muslim students from various parts of the world, and making of them scholars specialized in Islamic and Arabic Sciences, and scholars in religion well equipped with such knowledge and education that qualifies them to call, advocate and invite people to Islam, solve the problems of Muslims bothering on their religious and worldly affairs in light of the guidance of Quran and Sunnah and the work of our righteous predecessors. 5. Collection of the Islamic heritage with intent to care for it, verify, save and publish it. 6. Establishing scholastic and cultural ties with universities and scientific bodies and institutions in the world and documenting it for the service of Islam and the attainment of its goals