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  Batterjee College for Medical Sciences & Technology
Website : bmc.edu.sa
Country : Saudi Arabia
Year Established : 2005
The college's magnificent campus, located north of Jeddah, with its beautiful glimpse of the sea, the acres of lush green grass coupled with a healthy environment motivate the students to focus on their studies. Our highly qualified international faculty are committed to providing the highest profound knowledge throughout the students' study years while all the way encouraging them to explore the Medical Research Center that promotes scientific research. The Batterjee Medical College offers Bachelor's degrees in various medical fields. Moreover, the curricula of these degrees are approved from the Ministry of Higher Education, BMC, King Abdulaziz University school of Medicine as well as Tübingen University, Germany. The Batterjee Medical College also grants the opportunity for the student to train at any one of the Saudi German Hospital Group sited all around the Middle East and Africa during their study and after graduation.