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  University of Dammam
Website : ud.edu.sa
Country : Saudi Arabia
Year Established : 2009
The university is launching a trial for its electronic portal, two years after its start and separation as an independent university and after using the temporary website. This comes as an expansion of its quest strive to advantage from modern technology, electronic communication and the introduction of advanced computer systems of positive impact on higher education institutions. The portal offers the depth and diversity required by students and employees through different systems, such as student record system, financial system, symphony system for the library, digital library, emails and other serving systems, as well as the interactive systems such as distance learning system, e-learning system and faculty members system. The portal also provides the required extensive information, where it provides information about the faculties, academic programs and the assisting deanships and their services. This is in addition to the technical characteristics that must be provided in the portal to be compatible with modern quality standards.