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  Taibah University
Country : Saudi Arabia
Year Established : 2003
The University of Taibah is a distinguished university capable of competing its counterparts of other Saudi and Arabian universities. It reflects the Islamic identity, relies on a deep-rooted past, coexist with the present, and forecast the future in correspondence with the social constants and variables, with affirmation on importance of providing equal chances of educational opportunities for all citizens indistinctively. In addition, the university is working on building an actual partnership with the community to introduce a new model compatible with how the academic educatio nshould be organized, administered, and financed, on reinforcing academic and research abilities of the teaching staff, and reinforcing the abilities of university workers, administrators, information systems, and technologies. The University of Taibah ensures the importance of continuous improvement to promote the quality of the environment of the educational community to consolidate the teaching process, academic research, and community service, by integration of different sciences and belles-letters; through advanced study and research programs to ready a productive citizen capable of invent and compete. The university also attempts to invest the available human resources, to discover talented members and staff to support national economy, and to implement distance education which encourage continuous learning and correspond to the increasing demand for higher education in the age of satellites, globalization, and modernizations of the twenty one century.