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“Al Manhal platform of outstanding Arab digital contributions; content and technology, in the field of electronic publishing of Arab intellectual outputs has highly contributed to the enrichment of Arabic digital content.”

Dr. Osama Khamis

Training & Information Technology Consultant; Deanship of Library Affairs

Al-Majmaah University

Saudi Arabia

“Al Manhal’s Arabic electronic database fulfills the needs of researchers and scholars through providing multiple, diverse resources considered a fundamental resource to any university library.”

Dr. Hassan Al Sa’id

Head of Library

Arab American University


“Al Manhal is one of the greatest helping tools for our students and faculty members. It fills the gap existing in Arabic electronic publications and helps our library patrons find important research information in Arabic. I encourage all libraries to subscribe to this valuable database.”

Diana Sayej Naser

Library Director

Birzeit University


“We value the importance of Al Manhal Arabic database, as it covers various important and interesting subject fields. Faculty members, researchers and students alike at Bethlehem University have complete, unlimited, simultaneous access and are very satisfied with the database, as it is an excellent resource of academic digital publications.”

Hala Marzouka

Head of Arabic Technical Services

Bethlehem University


“We are pleased to be partners in Al Manhal's success story in which is certainly an important milestone in supporting the Arab scientific content.”

Aref Abdul Rahman

Obeikan for Research & Development

Saudi Arabia

“Al Manhal is one of the leading databases that provide information resources for Arabic language researchers, and is a vital tool for librarians in today’s technological era.”

Zeina Mehio

Libraries Administration Coordinator

Beirut Arab University


“Al Manhal is a powerful resource for both graduate and undergraduate students at AUB. It is the only full-text searchable database of content from the Arab world, which provides a unique and diverse collection of publications in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The rich platform has provided our students and researchers access to not only valuable content, but also to critical electronic research tools.”

Nabila Shehabeddine

Reference and Instruction Librarian

American University of Beirut


“We are extremely excited to provide academics and researchers around the world with access to the most influential peer-reviewed journals from the Arab world's leading universities and societies. Our award-winning intelligent research platform is designed to ensure that readers of our journals have the most intuitive and effective research experience.”

Mohamad Al Baghdadi

Chief Executive Officer

Al Manhal


“In providing this online service, Al Manhal has responded to a long-standing demand in the market. It will spread the pioneering research, thought and innovation emanating from the Middle East and support the work of academies. Since adding Al Manhal platform, we have gained international exposure and benefited from the opportunities to connect with researchers across the world.”

Dr. Walid Sarhan


Arab Journal of Psychiatry


“Al Manhal provides researchers and academics with an extensive resource incorporating several sub-themes from the humanities and social sciences, including business management and Islamic finance. Unique research areas are tackled through innovative approaches – evidence of Al Manhal’s commitment to publishing the most prevalent journals from the foremost research institutes.”

Dr. Othman AbdulKarim

Director of Publishing

King Abdulaziz University

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“Al Manhal eBook databases are an essential resource for any library with a mandate to support the Arabic language learner and researcher of Arabic affairs. Al Manhal fills an important gap for students and faculty doing research in Arabic.”

Amrita McKinney

Head of Collection Development & Acquisition Department

Qatar University


“Al Manhal database for Arabic peer-reviewed journals adds a distinct quality to our Arabic eLibrary, which clearly suffers in this area and is a key tributary to the educational development in the Arab world. Al Manhal peer-reviewed Arabic journals are a necessary tool to any Arab and foreign researcher; in which they particularly serve graduate students and faculty members. We hope to see Al Manhal databases for Arabic Journals receive full coverage in the Arab World.”

Abdullah Kreishan

Head of library

World Islamic & Sciences University